Taglit-Birthright Israel

Free 10 Day Trip with the Staten Island Hillel

Winter 2011 Trip Dates: January 3-13

How to register for Taglit-Birthright Israel (Israel Quest) with CUNY HILLEL.

1. Sign up at http://israeloutdoors.com/trip_dates_registration_info.php and fill out the primary application.
2. Pick Israel Outdoors as your provider and Israel Quest as your track
3. Wait for an email invitation for the secondary application
4. On the secondary application choose "Israel Quest - CUNY Hillel Trip"
5. PAY your DEPOSIT immediately. Deposit will ensure your spot!
***Deposit is $250 and it will be given back to you upon your return to the U.S.
6. Email CSIHILLEL@gmail.com to set up an interview.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, you can msg me or come to the office!


 ISRAEL QUEST is a 10-day Taglit-Birthright Israel trip specially designed for anyone with a spirit for adventure. As our flagship program, ISRAEL QUEST is appropriate for anyone who has a basic passion for travel, new experiences, and making new friends.

What's in store for you?? The Western Wall, Masada, the Dead Sea, a traditional Bedouin feast, snorkeling in the Red Sea, camel riding, Jerusalem & Tel Aviv, the Golan Heights, and the best of Israeli culture and night life. You'll even get to spend five out of the ten days touring Israel with a group of Israeli peers on leave from their army service. There is truly no better way to experience Israel than with Israelis at your side.

ISRAEL QUEST is a hands-on opportunity to experience Israel's natural beauty, diverse culture, and rich history. In other words, if you are looking for an exhilarating way to experience Israel, ISRAEL QUEST is your ticket. (What's the difference between Quest, Foot & Bike??)

The 10-day ISRAEL QUEST trip is about

* Visits to all the major touring sites
including Jerusalem, Masada,
the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv/Jaffa, the
Golan, and the Sea of Galilee.
* Truly memorable outdoor experiences
that include kayaking, camel trekking,hiking,
and swimming.
* The opportunity to meet fellow
participants from all over North America
not only from one region or campus.
* The opportunity to meet, interact,
and form relationships with Israeli
peers on leave from the army.
* Top-notch staff including accredited
Israeli outdoor guides/educators and
dynamic North American peer chaperons

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