Taglit-Birthright Israel

Free 10 Day Trip with the Staten Island Hillel

Want to register for Taglit-Birthright Israel with CUNY Hillel? Visit the Hillel Birthright website! https://www.freeisraeltrip.org/  


The free 10-day trip is includes

* Visits to all the major touring sites
including Jerusalem, Masada,
the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv/Jaffa, the
Golan, and the Sea of Galilee.

* Truly memorable outdoor experiences
that include kayaking, camel trekking,hiking,
and swimming.

* The opportunity to meet fellow
participants from all over North America
not only from one region or campus.

* The opportunity to meet, interact,
and form relationships with Israeli
peers on leave from the army.

* Top-notch staff including accredited
Israeli outdoor guides/educators and
dynamic North American peer chaperons

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