Jewish Learning

Judaism is the oldest of the three major monotheistic religions of humankind, and is the mother of both Christianity and Islam. Judaism is our proud legacy.  Hillel is committed to inspiring Jewish young adults to make an enduring commitment to Jewish heritage by living, learning, and passing it on.  Whether you are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist, whether you are secular, have one Jewish parent, have never walked into a synagogue, or daven every day, speak fluent Hebrew or don't know an Aleph from a Bet, If you are not Jewish but have Jewish friends or if you just would like to know what Jewish means, Hillel is here for you with interesting and engaging lunch and learn programs, mini courses, rosh chodesh group, field trips, alternative breaks, holiday celebrations and shabbatons.  If you just have a question, stop in and ask.  If you would like to join a Torah study group, we can make it happen.  If you want to know why Judaism says this or that, come by and we'll try to explain. It's a rough world!  If you feel that something is missing, maybe you will find it.  Hillel at CSI is your open door to Jewish learning.

Come on in! Check the events calendar to see what Jewish learning opportunities are coming your way.


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